Beside the design and production of vehicles for his own MONTEVERDI program, Peter Monteverdi had been active as designer and constructor for other marques ever since the early 1970s.

Bearing the name of MONTEVERDI Design, these projects had proved to be an important segment of the firm's business ventures.

1982: (above) MONTEVERDI Design Tiara.

1980: (at left) MONTEVERDI Design four-door Range Rover.

1975: MONTEVERDI Design motor yacht.

1990: MONTEVERDI Design study project: Porsche-based two-seat GT coupe.

1982: MONTEVERDI Design Saurer cab-over-engine truck.

1978: MONTEVERDI Design: detail view of a MONTEVERDI wrist watch.

MONTEVERDI 5.4-liter design study.

1972: Created for Opel in 1972, the design study for this elegant sedan was based on the Opel Diplomat floor pan and mechanical components.

1980: MONTEVERDI Design four-door Range Rover.

1980: MONTEVERDI Design four-door Range Rover.

1980: The best known product of MONTEVERDI Design worldwide is the four-door version of the Range Rover that Peter Monteverdi created in 1980. Production was initially undertaken by Automobile MONTEVERDI but due to increasing demand was soon taken over by Land Rover and built there under license.
Beside the coachwork modifications a luxurious interior was also created by MONTEVERDI Design, thereby setting the stage for the Range Rover's ongoing world-wide success.

1980: MONTEVERDI Design 2.8 Turbo Coupe at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show.

1980: MONTEVERDI Design Ford Granada.

1980: The MONTEVERDI 2.8 Turbo coupe design study made its debut at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show. Based on the floor pan and mechanical components of the Ford Granada, it provided proof that MONTEVERDI Design was capable of developing and producing new automotive concepts to the fully operative prototype stage.

1980: A further MONTEVERDI Design project is Peter Monteverdi's re-styled Ford Granada with refined exterior and interior details, which was employed by Ford as a design study.

wrist watch from MONTEVERDI Design.

1978: Peter Monteverdi created an exclusive wrist watch for Automobile MONTEVERDI's 50th anniversary in 1978.

The watch could be had with either a jet-black onyx- or 24-karat-gold case.

1982: MONTEVERDI Design MONTEVERDI Tiara at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show.

1982: The MONTEVERDI Tiara design study, based on the Mercedes S Class, represented a MONTEVERDI Design highlight at its introduction during the 1982 Geneva Motor Show.

Without changing the technical details of the sedan, Peter Monteverdi was able to provide it with a uniquely exceptional and exclusive appearance embodying all the principles and concepts related to MONTEVERDI Design.


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