1950-1952: MONTEVERDI Special

Peter Monteverdi built his first car, the "MONTEVERDI Special" with an
originally constructed, hand-built chassis and body in the span of time dating from 1950, when he was 16 years old, to 1952.

Portrait of Peter Monteverdi and Company History of Automobile MONTEVERDI

Peter Monteverdi was born on June 7, 1934 in Binningen (BL/Switzerland) and died there on July 4, 1998. He was a private Swiss racing driver, car constructor and founder of the automobile marque MONTEVERDI. His father, Rosolino Monteverdi, had operated a service garage and truck-repair business from 1924 to 1956.

After graduating from school Peter Monteverdi undertook his apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic at the tractor manufacturing firm of Vevey and completed his training at the Swiss commercial vehicle manufacturer Saurer in Arbon. Following his father's death in 1956, when he was 22 years old, Peter Monteverdi took over the company in Binningen and, changing its nature, developed it into a dealership for luxury-class automobiles and as a manufacturer of racing cars of his own design. As of 1967 originally designed GT-, sports cars and luxury vehicles were produced under the name of MONTEVERDI.

1952: Peter Monteverdi in the MONTEVERDI Special.

1957: The MONTEVERDI service garage of the period.

1960: Peter Monteverdi together with his employees behind two MBM

1961: Peter Monteverdi in his Formula 1 MBM (MONTEVERDI BINNINGEN MOTORS) at Monza during the 1961 season.

1961: Peter Monteverdi in the MBM (MONTEVERDI BINNINGEN MOTORS) Formula 1 car.

Peter Monteverdi as Racing Driver

1956-1961: Peter Monteverdi drove in approximately 80 competitive automotive events throughout Europe between 1956 and 1961, comprising hillclimbs, closed-circuit- and long-distance races such as the "Nürburgring 1000 Kilometers". He drove a privately entered Ferrari in twelve races during 1957 and from 1959 onwards attained numerous high places with a Renault Gordini, a Lotus Formula 2 monoposto and a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR.

1960: Only original MONTEVERDI designed cars were employed in diverse events by Peter Monteverdi as of 1960. These racing cars comprised various Formula Junior monoposto designs designated MBM (MONTEVERDI BINNINGEN MOTORS) as well as the first Formula 1 car ever built in Switzerland.

Following a serious accident at the Hockenheimring Peter Monteverdi decided to cease his racing activities and devote all his energy to the future development of his firm.

1962: View of the modern MONTEVERDI garage.

1962: Interior view of the MONTEVERDI garage service area.

At the right: Automobile MONTEVERDI as a BMW dealership.

1967: the first MONTEVERDI high speed.

Peter Monteverdi as Entrepreneur

1957: Due to his continual employment of Ferraris in his racing activities Peter Monteverdi was awarded the Maranello marque's concession for Switzerland in 1957, thereby becoming the world's youngest Ferrari importer. During the following years Peter Monteverdi acquired local dealerships for a number of other international automobile marques which included BMW, Lancia, Bentley and Jensen.

1965: Peter Monteverdi's decision to build his own marque of exclusive GT automobiles in 1965 was crowned with the appearance of the first of the series built in Binningen during 1967. Initially designated as an MBM, it was finally offered for sale with the elegantly sounding name of MONTEVERDI high speed 375 S.

1970: A further enlargement and augmentation to the premises became necessary. The production facilities for Automobile MONTEVERDI were moved to the newly constructed building.

1967: Peter Monteverdi with the chassis
high speed 375 S.

high speed 375 S.

Peter Monteverdi with the MONTEVERDI high speed 375 S.

The initial body for the first production version of the MONTEVERDI high speed 375 L
under construction at Fissore in Savigliano.

1970: Production of the body for the MONTEVERDI hai
450 SS at Fissore.

1970: The MONTEVERDI hai 450 SS on the stand at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.

1971: MONTEVERDI high speed 375/4 luxury sedan.

New additions were continuously made to the high speed range, including a four-door luxury sedan and various GT coupes and convertibles.

1970: The MONTEVERDI hai 450 SS rear-mid-engine GT coupe represented a highlight in the firm's history when it made its debut at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.

1976: MONTEVERDI Safari.

1977: Peter Monteverdi with the MONTEVERDI Sierra.

1976: Due to the world-wide oil crisis Peter Monteverdi launched the luxurious MONTEVERDI Safari SUV in 1976, which was immediately crowned with great success.

The newly created S-Series was augmented step by step with further models such as a compact touring sedan designated MONTEVERDI Sierra and the 4x4 MONTEVERDI Sahara SUV.

1978: MONTEVERDI Sahara.

1979: The MONTEVERDI Military Series intended for the Swiss Army.

1982: MONTEVERDI Tiara.

Peter Monteverdi designed and built a special series of military vehicles for Swiss Army utilization and sold the rights to the project to the Swiss commercial vehicle manufacturer Saurer at Arbon.

1982: Peter Monteverdi had increasingly devoted his efforts with regard to producing creative designs for outside customers ever since the early 1980s, a case in point being that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class-based MONTEVERDI Tiara luxury sedan of 1982, the ultimately produced automotive venture of his MONTEVERDI Design endeavors. The automobile marque MONTEVERDI as well as the name of MONTEVERDI Design are well known standards worldwide today.

1985: Ferrari sports cars of the MONTEVERDI Car Collection.

1987: Special motorcycle exhibition at the MONTEVERDI Car Collection.

At the right: 1989: Special Jaguar exhibition at the MONTEVERDI Car Collection.

1990: Peter Monteverdi at the Formula 1 race at Imola.
1990: The MONTEVERDI Onyx Formula 1 car in May 1990 at the Monaco Grand Prix.
1993: MONTEVERDI hai
650 F1.

1985: Peter Monteverdi had opened his private car collection to the general public with the founding of the MONTEVERDI Car Collection in the former production facilities during 1985. At that time it had comprised more than 130 automobiles of 35 marques representing the post-war era, as well as a number of racing cars.

1990: Peter Monteverdi bought the ONYX Grand Prix Formula 1 team together with his associate, the well known Swiss entrepreneur Karl Foitek, and renamed it as the MONTEVERDI Onyx team. It participated in a number of Formula 1 events under his management during the 1990 F1 racing season.

1990: MONTEVERDI Onyx Formula 1 car in May 1990 during the race at Imola.

1992: A super sports car, the MONTEVERDI hai 650 F1 GT coupe was based on the F1 technology of Peter Monteverdi's previous MONTEVERDI Onyx F1 car. It represented the second hai generation and was the last car built by Automobile MONTEVERDI.

The MONTEVERDI Car Collection was established in its present guise during the mid 1990s, enabling visitors to view every MONTEVERDI vehicle designed and constructed by Peter Monteverdi.

The Golden Epoch of Extravagant Swiss made Cars
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L’âge d’or des bolides de marque suisse.

L'epoca d'oro dei bolidi di marca svizzera.


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