Due to, and following the energy crisis of 1973/1974 Peter Monteverdi made a major decision and undertook the total restructuring of his entire production program.
In place of his highly successful high speed series of GT cars the Basel automobile constructor decided to enter the luxury off-road-vehicle market which had developed into an exceedingly popular automotive segment at that time. The Safari, followed slightly later by the Sahara, were both developed in a very short time period and led to steadily increasing sales. The MONTEVERDI Safari was considered to be one of the most beautiful and prestigious vehicles in the luxury SUV market of the time.

1976: MONTEVERDI Safari

Luxuriously outfitted, high-performance SUV.
Rear-wheel drive with fwd selection and reduction gearing.
Choice of engines: IHC V8, 5653 cc, 165 bhp or Chrysler V8, 7208 cc, 300 bhp @ 4200 rpm, 200 km/h top speed.

1977: MONTEVERDI Sierra

The MONTEVERDI Safari's overwhelming
success didn't deter
Peter Monteverdi's
creative efforts
which led to the expansion
of his production program, and 1977 soon saw
the introduction of the compact
MONTEVERDI Sierra luxury sedan.
With its elegantly discreet lines it
mirrored the mode of the period,

and a sports-oriented interior, upholstered with the finest leather, served to uphold the well known MONTEVERDI tradition of exclusivity.

1978: MONTEVERDI Sahara
1978: MONTEVERDI Sierra Convertible

Peter Monteverdi introduced the MONTEVERDI Sahara at the firm's fiftieth anniversary in 1978 and it was the first vehicle in the program which could be ordered with an optional diesel engine. The Sahara was aimed at those customers who also wished to use it commercially.

The five-seat MONTEVERDI Sierra Convertible was also introduced during 1978 and followed on the heels of the compact Sierra sedan a year after the latter's introduction, with the S Series line being rounded out in 1978 by a station wagon version.

Sierra Station Wagon
4-Door Safari SUV

1979: That year witnessed the introduction of a long-wheelbase, 4-door version of the Safari which, as a prototype, remained a one-off project.
During this time Peter Monteverdi had concentrated most of his efforts on a new project which placed a heavy burden on his employees as well as on himself.


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